“When asked the question: Which is greater, study or action?
All answered: Study, for study leads to action.”

Tractate Kiddushin

Beit Midrash Hatzerot

The Beit Midrash Hatzerot invites young men and women from all sectors, students, for an open air Beit Midrash program.  They meet once a week in the heart of Khirbet Arza, to learn under the trees and stars, to ask big questions, and consider answers big and small. To create, sing, make music, write and journey through the courtyards of Jewish thought.

An outdoor Beit Midrash in the heart of Khirbet Arza, where young men and women meet to learn under the trees and under the stars. To ask big questions, consider answers big and small. To create, sing, make music, write.

Beit Yisrael is a cultural center celebrating Jewish culture old and new–Chassidic niggunim, piyyutim from the East, and modern Israeli artists; lectures on important figures from the Maggid of Mezritch to A.D. Gordon. We invite you to join us.

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Taken from the Yiddish term for Chassidic “travelers” who made pilgrimages to their rebbes, our “nos’im” are Beit Yisrael alumni on a journey to becoming community leaders. The program provides inspiring learning, mentorship, skills, tools, support through challenges, and a sounding board for new ideas.


Beit Yisrael’s young activists are ideally placed to identify social challenges and tap into the solutions that can really work for particular populations. The Magshimim program acts as an incubator for the initiatives of young social entrepreneurs. It provides personal mentoring, group brainstorming, networking support, and skills development to enable young activists to put their values into practice. “Hamagshimim” means “the fulfillers of dreams.”


Be’erot is the discovery of hidden sweet waters in the soul within, When digging deep in blocked up wells, drawing  from a shared village well.

The Be’erot program invites formal and informal educators to study contextual children’s development.

One morning  of group discussion a week dedicated to  building our approach and deepening our understanding of the educational role we play in so many lives.

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